Badr Communiqué on Delegation

Apr 3, 2014 | Badr Ethiopia

All praise is to Allah for making it possible for the Badr Delegation to return from its special and productive mission to Ethiopia. Following its return, the Delegation has been briefing the Badr Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and the Executive branch about the mission. Shortly, Badr communities will also be briefed about the outcome of the trip.

Briefly, the Delegation took strong initiatives to open communication channels and establish constructive engagements with all stakeholders to address critical concerns and solutions related to Muslims in Ethiopia and Diaspora. The Delegation frequently met with Ethiopian Government officials to raise and discuss the prime issues of concern for the Ethiopian Muslims and visited the Arbitration Committee members in prison. Furthermore, the Delegation conducted discussions and heard from other stakeholders involved in Ethiopian Muslim affairs. Given the limited time and resources, the Delegation and stakeholders have arrived at mutual understanding to engage in further dialog and continuation of the initiative to resolve the remaining issues on the agenda in the near future. The process is still ongoing and Badr is hopeful for a satisfactory resolution soon. As things unfold, Badr will publish updates.
Badr Ethiopia
Washington DC

Badr Delegation: Radio Negashi Interview with Badr Board of Trustee Chairman

Feb 16, 2014 | Radio Negashi

Click here to listen

Ethiopian Muslims Peaceful Struggle 2nd Anniversary, Dallas Texas

Badr Leaders Meeting 2014

January 20, 2014 | Get statement in Pdf

The late Haji Adane Mamuye

January 15, 2014 | Badr Ethiopia

Inna lilahi we’inna illaihi rajioon!!!
The late Haji Adane Mamuye

The news about the passing of Haji Adani Mamuye dealt us a heavy heart filled with sadness and great memories. Haji Adane Mamuye (May Allah have mercy on his soul), was the indefatigable and visionary entrepreneur of a relief agency who served as the Executive Director of EMRDA (Ethiopian Muslims Relief and Development Association) since its inception almost two decades ago. EMRDA was established and registered with Charities and Societies Agency as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organization has been implementing comprehensive development programs particularly in the remote parts of the country and contributed to an estimated half a dozen million needy and vulnerable Ethiopians to become self-reliant and self-supportive. EMRDA has also been engaged in promoting basic formal and informal education, reproductive health, HIV& AIDS, small scheme water development, vocational and skill trainings, civic education, OVC care and support, child labor reduction, empowerment of women, relief for emergency by mobilizing resources from international NGOs, philanthropies and other charitable organizations both from within and out of the country.

Many of us first met Haji Adane when he was invited by Badr to the Second Annual Badr Convention in Seattle, Washington on August 2, 2002.  He was a very effervescent and enthusiastic individual who was already moving the EMRDA toward his vision of self-sufficiency and great legacy. As the keynote speaker at the convention, he presented riveting details including video documentaries of the numerous projects EMRDA initiated and launched as well as those that were needed in Ethiopia to uplift the Muslim community out of poverty. His projects received direct funding from Badr and the local communities.

Hajj Adane Mamuye was a very skillful manager and executive director who succeeded in catapulting his relief and development organization into the high ranks of international agencies that have contributed greatly towards the eradication of poverty and malnutrition particularly in the underserved areas of Ethiopia. In partnership with the United Nations, United States, International Labor Organization, Save the Children International, the World Bank, and many other notable international agencies, Haji Adane managed to give voice to the destitute and the poor in the society by working tirelessly and vigorously for many years. Haji Adane was 70 years old. May Allah reward him for his good deeds and tireless efforts. May Allah also bring solace and patience to his family.

Badr Ethiopia
Washington DC

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