Soccer Tournaments

Participating Teams

Ethio Bilal, Dallas
Negshi, Atlanta
ECMA, Toronto

Ethio-Bilal Soccer Team (EBST)


Ethio-Bilal Soccer Team (EBST) was established in 2012. It is a non profit organization under the umbrella of Bilal Community Center. Its objectives include promoting brotherhood and building a positive relationship between Ethiopians and other communities. Along with the Team of Atlanta, EBST is the one to start soccer tournaments at Badr 2013 Convention.

ECMA, Toronto Soccer Team

ECMA* PS: Post Secondary, HS: High School

#1) Yasser (Goalie) PS
#2) Akrem (Defense) PS
#3) Muhammed J (Midfield/Defense) PS
#4) Khalid (Defense) PS
#5) Anwar (Defense) PS
#6) Hamza #6 (Midfield) HS
#7) Orsame (Defense) PS
#8) Amin (Midfield/Defense) PS
#9) Ariffe (Midfield/Defense) PS
#10) Aliso (Striker/Midfield) PS
#11) Osama (Midfield) HS
#12) Maher (Midfield) PS
#13) Mahir (Striker/Defense) PS
#14) Omer (Midfield) HS
#15) Hussien (Midfield/Defense) PS
#17) Abdul Hadi (Striker/Midfield) PS
#20) Abil (Defense) HS
#21) Umar (Striker/Midfield) HS
#22) Hamdi (Defense) PS
#24) Nageh (Goalie) PS

Pictures from Badr 2013, Atlanta

 IMG_20140725_065047  IMG_164717198943655
Soccer Teams (Badr 2013, Atlanta) IMG_164704018995543

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  1. Salam Walaikum my Ethio brothers and sisters in Islam. How are you all; I am super excited about this convention. I have one question for the organizers. I want to participate in the soccer tournaments with Ethio Bilal Dallas team. I have not played with the the team before; is it possible for me to participate. How much does it cost & What is required?

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