Quran Competition

Welcome to the Annual Badr International Convention
Children’s Quran competition
Dallas, TX 2014

 Competition Information

  • Contestants are supposed to register early on (find below online registration form).
  • Quran competition will take place on Friday Morning August 8, 2014.
  • ALL competitors MUST be present at their assigned locations by 9:15 AM. If you are late, you may lose the chance to participate in the competition.
  • The competition will start at 9:30 AM promptly.
  • Proper dress attire is required.
  • Each competitor will be tested on their tajweed and memorization ability.
  • We will have two major categories, each with two sub-groups:

1)    Fixed group competition

      1. Ages 7-9 Surah Al-Fajr
      2. Ages 10-12 Surah Al-Mudathir

2)    Advanced group competition

      1. Ages 7-9 Advanced Surah Al-Infitar
      2. Ages 10-12 Advanced Al- Takweer
  • As shown above, each category/group is subdivided into two age sub-groups and each sub-group is assigned a different Surah.
  • The advanced group is geared towards children with a strong Quranic background. Children who have started Quran memorization program would qualify for this competition.

Please register your children according to their appropriate age group, as well as their level of Quran knowledge by filling out the below form.

We look forward to meeting this year’s contestants! Start memorizing…

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